Five Simple Steps To Creating A Video Marketing Presentation

Technology has allowed for multiple ways for us to present and share our ideas and opinions to the public. Once upon a time, the channels were so crude and limited. Apart from making speeches in gatherings and later on, getting printed on the newspapers, there were no better ways to make presentations. But thanks to technological developments, interesting gadgets were introduced one after another. First, there was the radio and later on the television. The latter became more developed with cable connections and such. Then of course, came the age of web technology and the birth of the internet.

Indeed, we have so much to be grateful for to modern web technology and the internet. Apart from making our lives way more convenient, it has opened doors to so many other opportunities as well. One good example is in terms of business opportunities. Because of the internet, even ordinary people can actually pursue business ventures and succeed at them. They don’t need as much capital as when starting an enterprise in the real world. In some cases, they don’t even need any capital at all. That’s because marketing online can be accomplished effectively just by utilizing the right online tools. Take for example video marketing.

Video marketing has become really popular nowadays, especially for promoting small business opportunities. Anyone can make a video presentation without much difficulty. Even if you’re a newbie, you can still promote your products or services successfully using video and audio presentations. Here’s a sample guide you can use. First off, you’ll need to download a video editing program or application. Don’t worry because there are a lot of free ones around. Do a quick search online and you’ll come across dozens of them. Make sure to choose a program which has been reviewed and rated well by other users, though.

Second, use your camcorder to capture video footage for your presentation. If you don’t have one, then just use free footages being offered in sites like YouTube. Just make sure the ones you use are for free and not copyrighted material. Third, download some audio clips or you can use your own if you already have them. Then, you’ll have to import both the video and audio clips you want into the video-editing program. The Import Media option is a standard in all video editing programs. Fourth, arrange the clips on the video timeline and add audio to the project by clicking on an audio file. Lastly, go to the “File Menu” and click “Publish Movie!”

Learn Biblical Greek: Memorizing the Present Active Indicative Paradigm

If you are a beginning student learning New Testament Greek, one of the first verbal “paradigms” you will learn is the “Present Active Indicative.” Presented is an easy way to remember these verb endings in Koine (Biblical) Greek.

The method I am going to teach you replaces the traditional method of route memorization. By utilizing your imagination and “sound-alike” words you will encode the information more deeply into your memory as well as make learning Greek enjoyable.

Using Your Imagination to Master Biblical Greek

In order to make use of this mnemonic device (memory aid), you will need to use your imagination by means of visualization. Make sure to get a clear visual mental picture of each of the “substitute words” (similar phonetic sound) supplied for the Greek active verb tenses listed below. Associate, or “link”, one ending to the next. Do not attempt to make a running narrative or story.

By using this mnemonic you will be able to easily recall the present tense verb endings without having to go through endless repetitions of route rehearsal or writing out the endings. Once you have established these mental images, review them periodically and they will become part of your long-term memory and you will have learned them forever.

Connecting Vowels in Biblical Greek – Say “Omen”

The paradigm below does not include the “connecting vowel” prior the suffix. Here is an easy way to remember the connecting vowels: omicron comes before mu and nu and epsilon comes before all other consonants.

To always remember this grammatical rule remember “Omen.” Omicron, similar to our English “o” sound, put together with mu (“m” sound) and nu (“n” sound), sounds like “omen.” The English letter “o” precedes the “m” (mu) and “n” (nu). The only letter unaccounted for is the “e” which signals you to remember all other suffixes are attached by the epsilon.

Remember “omen” and you will never forget the connecting vowels in Greek.

Biblical Greek: Present Active Verb Tense Endings Mnemonic

This mnemonic device relies on the phonetic sounds of Greek to English to create concrete visuals. These mental images will in turn then prompt your memory to the next person in the Greek paradigm for the present active indicative.

It is important to clearly see each mental picture in your imagination. Once you know them by heart the silly visuals will fade away and you will simply know the paradigm. The explanation takes much longer than learning the system.

First Person Singular Linked to Second Person Singular

Link “O” to “Ace”

Clearly imagine yourself setting up a huge golden circle (“o”) and then throwing millions of the “Ace” of Spade cards through the golden circle (“o”).

Second Person Singular Linked to Third Person Singular

Link “Ace” to an “Ape” (This will remind you of the “ei” Greek ending which sounds like the English “a” – Ape starts with ‘A’).

Clearly see in your imagination King Kong (ape to “a”) knocking millions of “ace” plane fighters out of the sky!

Third Person Singular Linked to First Person Plural

Link an “Ape” (“a”) to “men.”

Visualize King Kong (ape to “a”) eating millions of “men.”

First Person Plural Linked to Second Person Plural

Link “men” to “tea.”

In your mind’s eye, see millions of “men” drinking from dainty “tea” cups. Or imagine drinking a huge cup of tea that is filled with thousands of little men.

Second Person Plural Linked to Third Person Plural

Link “tea” to “woozy” (you are feeling sick to your stomach).

Picture yourself being forced to drink awful tasting “tea” and getting “woozy” from drinking the disgusting tea.

You Learned the Greek Primary Active Endings!

Now try and recall the endings. The sounds, beginning with “o,” will prompt your memory to recall the Greek suffixes. One ending will prompt your memory to the next. If you were not able to recall all the Greek endings, go over them once again in your imagination and strengthen the visual association. You will be amazed how quickly you have learnt this paradigm – with no route memory work!

In fact, once you have learned this mnemonic device for Greek, you can easily say the paradigm backwards! The same principle is at work – one ending will prompt your memory for the next, in reverse order. Try it and amaze your friends and Greek professor!

Learn Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek Quickly and Easily! Author Blair Kasfeldt has numerous publications helping students of Biblical languages overcome the hurdles of both grammar and vocabulary.

Display Rentals Can Improve Your Presentation

If you are in need of a powerful exhibit that can create a connection with your customers and showcase the quality of your company’s products, you may be in need of some display rentals. If you are just making the venture into doing shows and exhibits to increase your business’ visibility and marketability, Exhibits can make your presentations noticed and are a very valuable to use. In order to increase the effectiveness of your display rentals, your exhibits need to present a strong statement. You only get one chance to make an impression and it is very important that the first impression you make with your display rentals are effectively communicating your message within moments of the viewer looking at them. Since you have such a small window of opportunity to draw attention to your booth and increase your earnings potential, you need to make sure that you are using the best exhibit leasing company for your needs.

When you are ready to start selecting exhibits for your presentations, it is a good idea to make a list of things you feel would give you the best results. This list should include all the details about the type of presentation you are trying to display, size, colors, design and the formation of the exhibits. This will help you when you need to make sure that your exhibits meets the rules and criteria for trade shows, you can make the necessary adjustments for accessories and other arrangements that will improve your trade show experience and success.

Stay focused. Keep in mind what your goals are for the trade shows that you are going to participate in. Implement a plan that allows you to effectively utilize your display rentals to help you meet your goals. Take the size of the crowd that is expected into consideration. Are the shows drawing local or regional attendees? Do you see your company participating in more than one trade show? If so, pay attention to your audience so you know how to successfully engage the crowds at each and every show.

Try to stay within your budget. One of the best things about using leased exhibits is that it makes it much easier for you to stay within your budget. Instead of overspending on exhibits you may not use again, you can lease exhibits and pay a lower cost. You have more flexibility and don’t have to use the same exhibits for each show. Also, the company that you use for your exhibits will be able to take care of transporting and setting up your displays. This gives you more time to get the other aspects of your shows together.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to using one type of exhibit for your shows. There are several different kinds of display rentals that can give you some great results. In fact, you may want to consider using a variety to help keep your presentations from becoming one sided and boring. Remember you want to gain your customers attention and increase their participation so they will be more likely to purchase your products.

Make a Present of the Present

Once you can bring yourself to face the fact that your loving relationship has finally and fully come to an end, your pain has a focus. Your mind lingers over the past. You miss what you’ve lost. Your relationship really isn’t yet gone, the memories of how you felt with your ex-lover still taunt you with dreams of what might have been.

There are a great number of ways to cope with the pain that your memories bring you. One of the most effective devices is to find a distraction. Get a pet, take a vacation, watch a funny movie, read anything but romance novels, write a book about fly fishing, and so on. In short, do anything to divert your mind whenever you find your attention drifting back to remembering what you feel that you’ve lost.

One type of distraction that may be more powerful than most others is provided by mystical practices and programs. For example, practicing meditations with the goal of emptying the mind is certainly a proven way to reduce stress. When you do two twenty-minute long meditative sessions a day, it can lower your blood pressure and improve mental balance. If you’d like more information about meditative techniques, there are lots of reference sources available in book form or in briefer articles posted all over the Web.

There’s another type of mystical practice that was popularized by a catch phrase back in the Sixties: “be here now.” At its simplest, this little rubric advocates attention to the here and the now. It calls for sinking into our awareness of our surroundings and to our responses to only what’s happening in this very moment. By implication, it also urges us to divert our attention away from events in our past or that we may imagine will come in our future.

Both meditation and maintaining a focused awareness of the present call for a great deal of self-discipline. Both call for using our wills to direct our attention to desired ways of being aware of who, what and where we are, right now! That kind of will power is available to anyone, even to those who may suffer pain from the loss of their formerly loved partners. Are these practices worth the effort? Of course, because making them the habit of mind for a lifetime can not only lead to reduced stress and pain, it can actually enrich your experience of every element in your life. From sexuality to spirituality, they can make your life deeper and richer.

One of the best ways to maintain a focus on the present is described by Rudolf Steiner in his remarkable book, “How to Know Higher Worlds.” Steiner is often cited as perhaps the greatest of Twentieth Century mystics. In his book, he advocates experiencing the now of the world by opening your heart to reverence and to awe. Steiner points out that the world all around us is filled with majesty, beauty and mystery. He urges us to open our hearts to a continuing sense of the wonders all around us, whether in the immediate scenery, or novel ideas, or especially in our moment-to-moment awareness of the element of lovingness in all of our dealings with others.

Steiner posits that the rewards from such a change in our experience of the world will open the doors of our sense of the deeper and more fulfilling meanings of life.

For my own part, I’ve only recently begun to practice what Mister Steiner once taught. I’m already beginning to find it easier and easier to stay right here, right now. I give you his ideas as a gift: it’s my present to urge you to stay in the present. It’s so much richer and potentially happier a way of being than just staying bound to the past.

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